I am a standing member of the AMA and carry insurance in the event of an mishap.

- Portraits - Individual or group/family
- Modeling Shots for your portfolio
- Senior Portraits
- Experience working with special needs children
- Private shots with children and family
- Unique "Rain Machine"
- In-house high-quality photo editing

- Access to professional makeup and hair




photo portfolio

- Use of Drone/Quad copter technology for
   aerial  video capture at 1080P and 14MP stills.

- Roof and gutter inspections

- Antenna inspections

- Water Tower inspections

- Bridge inspections

- Multiple camera setups with a wide variety
   of lenses to capture any situation

- In home/studio and portable lighting systems
   for "anywhere" on location shooting

- Multiple backdrops and the ability to do
   "Green Screen" or Chroma Key.

Aerial Photography / Videography